Manhole coating
Do you have old leaking manholes or catch basins?  Tired of treating ground water and want to reduce your inflow and infiltration?  We've got your back!  We offer cementitious coatings and leak repair.  This process allows the customer to save money by not having to dig and replace existing infrastructure.  We pressure wash the existing brick or concrete structure, removing loose aggregate and sand etc. Then we lower a special nozzle into the manhole that sprays a product called Mainstay ML-72 which coats the structure to any desired thickness. ML-72 is a blend of portland cement, microsilica, thermoplastic fiber, densifiers, admixtures, and other modifiers that produces a high strength, low shrinkage, and low permeability mortar for the rehabilitation of deteriorated concrete structures such as manholes, lift stations, wet wells, etc. Mainstay ML-72 mortar can withstand environments with a pH of 3 or higher. 

Along with manhole and catch basin coatings we also have the capability to coat culverts and large diameter storm drain pipes.  Please see below for photos.